Acciai e Corrispondenze

Cold-drawn special profiles / specialty drawn profiles can be used to obtain ad hoc products and customized solutions to specification, thus offering greater engineering feasability with appreciable reduction in machining costs and times.

Minimum design specifications are given below. It is also possible to download the data sheets for the various types of steel in .pdf format.

/ max circumscribing circle: 80 mm
/ max length: 9.0 m / weight per metre: between 0.05 and 30 kg/m
/ toler.: h11 (standard)/ roughness: Ra 1.6 - 3.2 (standard)
/ straightness: 1.0 mm/m (standard)
/ warpage and twist: 3°/m (standard)

Straightening tolerances :
Straightness: camber: 1.5 mm/m (standard) Warpage - Twist: 3°/m (standard).
Limits variable according to the complexity of the profile.

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