We are specialized in the production of special steel drawn profiles
made according to customers’ drawings and specifications.


Founded in 1913 by Luigi Mazzacchera and specializing in the production of special drawn steel profiles based on customers’ drawings, throughout its very long life, Fiav L. Mazzacchera S.p.A. has produced over 28 thousand profiles of different shapes and in all types of steel.
The company counts on acknowledged excellence and skills in the manufacturing of semi-processed products for the energy industry, and a high competitive edge in foreign markets, which account for over 50% of its production.
Fiav L. Mazzacchera S.p.A. joined the Calvi Network group, a world leader in the production of steel profiles, in 2004.
In addition to strengthening its position for the drawn profiles business, FIAV is currently developing new skills in the design and transformation of cold rolled profiles.


Experience, quality, innovation, organization and competitiveness are key factors for Fiav L. Mazzacchera S.p.A.

For over 100 years we have taken pride in our ‘made-in-Italy’ quality, while working in line with international standards. The secret of this long success is our constant search for innovative systems and the use of cutting-edge technologies aimed at achieving results at an affordable cost.
The high level of specialization and expertise in the energy sector and in many other fields make our company trustworthy, reliable and a global reference for any production need in the special drawn steel profiles industry.



Utmost dimensional

Customized processing, spanning from design to production, to meet customer requirements, with painstaking accuracy.



Use of raw materials and labor according to actual process requirements, avoiding production surplus.


Small batches

Possible purchase of small amounts of profiles, avoiding excessive or undesired stocks and reducing investments in plants and production facilities.


Two production

Being able to handle both cold drawing and cold rolling allows us to optimize production according to customers’ needs.


Fiav L. Mazzacchera SpA is part of the Italian group Calvi Holding SpA / Calvi Network, a world leader in the metallurgic industry.

Within the group, Fiav L. Mazzacchera has privileged connections with the other companies specializing in the cold drawing of special profiles: the Italian companies Calvi and Sipa and the US company Rathbone Precision Metals.
These four companies – together with many other companies specializing in hot extrusion and hot rolling – have achieved unrivalled technological and market leadership in the design and production of special steel profiles based on customers’ specifications.

This winning synergy offers customers top quality services and increasingly innovative and competitive products.

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